Those Icky Shopping Carts

When my first baby was old enough to sit in the shopping cart, I didn’t bother with a cart cover. In fact, I kind of considered moms who used them to be over-protective. I’d always wipe down the handle with the store-provided wipes, but that was the extent of my concern. Until I read some startling statistics according to a study by the University of Arizona:

  • 72% of shopping carts have fecal matter on them
  • 50% of those tested positive for E. coli
  • Overall, shopping carts harbor more bacteria than public restrooms.

Yuck! With statistics like that, a cart cover is a no-brainer. The good news for frugal parents is that they can be very reasonably priced. I recently spotted one for less than $10. Or, you can get one that does double (or triple) duty like the one pictured above. It also works as a high chair cover to use in restaurants AND it lays flat as a mat (perfect for diaper changes or tummy time).



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