No More Soggy Sandwiches?

If you are a frugal parent, odds are good that you’ve packed plenty of lunches–for yourself, your spouse, and/or your children. And if you’ve packed a lunch, chances are, you’ve experienced the soggy sandwich. My husband, for example, loves tuna sandwiches. But if I make it in the morning before he goes to work, the bread is soaked nearly all the way through by the time he gets around to eating lunch. After a couple of times of that, I started packing the tuna in a little container and popping the bread slices into a zipper-top bag. That fixed the soggy sandwich problem but it created two new issues–crushed bread and money wasted on disposable sandwich bags.

That is why when I saw the Perfect Sandwich from Contain This!, I just had to try it. The Perfect Sandwich is a single container with one layer to hold wet ingredients and another layer to hold the bread. This keeps the wet and the dry ingredients separate. Best of all, there is an included ice pack that fits in the bottom of the wet compartment to keep your meats, cheeses, and veggies cool and safe.


When my Perfect Sandwich container arrived, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I started by using it pretty much exactly as directed. After freezing the chill pack I inserted it into the bottom of the container and topped it with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and meat. I closed up that section and was pleased to see that it really does create a tight seal. I then placed my bread in the top compartment and voila! No wet bread, no crushed bread, and no wasted zipper-top bags.


Of course, not everyone wants a sandwich for lunch so I decided to try out the Perfect Sandwich container with one of my personal favorite lunches–hummus. Again, I used the chill pack and filled the bottom section of the container with two types of hummus, sliced cucumbers, and Kalamata olives (yum!). Then I placed wedges of pita bread in the top compartment. I took this with me on a picnic playdate and I was very pleased to find that the contents of my lunch didn’t slide around very much. The Perfect Sandwich kept them well contained.


Finally, I decided to give the container a whirl with my hubby’s favorite–the tuna sandwich. This was where I truly appreciated the included ice pack. It keeps your food at a safe 40 degrees for five whole hours–which is vitally important, especially when you’re packing foods that include mayonnaise or other highly perishable ingredients. I am happy to report that my sweet husband’s sandwich was perfect at lunchtime–his bread wasn’t soggy or squished and his tuna was nice and cool.


All in all, I am thrilled to add the Perfect Sandwich to my collection of lunch containers. It’s functional, it’s high quality, and it solves a common lunch dilemma. By the way, if you make bento lunches, this would make a nice two layer box but you would probably need to remove the ice pack from the bottom layer to make enough room for your foods.

If you want to read more about the Perfect Sandwich or if you want to buy your own, visit the Contain This! website or check them out on Facebook.


Disclaimer: This product was provided to me at no charge for the purpose of review. I was not compensated in any other way and this review reflects my honest opinion of the product. Please see my disclosure policy for full details.

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