Frugal Nursing Pads

If you breastfeed and you want to go out in public or keep your bed dry at night, you are almost certainly going to need nursing pads. When it comes to nursing pads, you have two options: disposable or washable. Undoubtedly, the frugal side of you is screaming, “washable!” while the busy mom side of you is pleading, “disposable!” The good news is, you can save a lot of money on either option. Here’s how:

Disposable Nursing Pads

The Cost Frugal Makeover
If you want to use disposable nursing pads, these can easily cost you between $5 and $16 or more per month, depending upon how often you use them and how leaky your breasts are. Keep in mind that if there are 60 pads in the package, you are only getting 30 uses from them because you will use two with every use. This can get costly. I personally love Lansinoh nursing pads. They are thin, absorbent, and soft. Before I became a frugal mom, I swore by these pads. Now, I’m saving money but I am, admittedly, sacrificing a little bit of quality. Now, for the frugal side of disposable. Many women successfully use pantyliners cut in half with one half in each bra cup. The pantyliners are thin, absorbent, and adhesive — ideal traits in a nursing pad. While a package of 60 nursing pads might cost $8, a package of 60 pantyliners will run closer to $4. Best of all, 60 pantyliners equal 60 pairs since you will cut them in half. One drawback to this method is that pantyliners might not be as breathable as the materials used in nursing pads. With that in mind, only use pantyliners when you go out or be sure to change them often.

Washable Nursing Pads

The Cost Frugal Makeover
Washable nursing pads are usually made from 100% cotton or wool. They are simply multi-layered fabric discs that can be tucked into a bra cup. Depending upon the brand and the quality of the pad, they can be purchased for as little as $4 to as much as $25 for a pair. If you own a needle and thread and know how to make a simple stitch, you can make your own nursing pads essentially for free by reusing materials that you already have. First, choose your material. Old T-shirts, flannel receiving blankets, or cloth diapers all work great. Next, using a disposable pad as your guide, cut eight circles from your fabric. If you don’t have a disposable pad handy, just measure out a 4 to 4 ½ inch circle (this is a typical dimension) they can be made larger or smaller according to your preference). For each pad, layer four circles and stitch around the edges. There you have it — free nursing pads! Just remember to omit the fabric softener when washing nursing pads or cloth diapers as this will reduce their absorbency.

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