Fourth of July Fun

I love the 4th of July. It’s a day to remember our many freedoms and it brings out the patriot in many of us. If that wasn’t enough, we celebrate this holiday with cookouts, swimming, and fireworks. What’s not to love?

I wanted to get festive with the kids but so many crafts are too hard for toddlers and so many treats are full of sugar. So I did a little brain storming and came up with an age appropriate snack and craft idea. They are both very simple but your little ones will still enjoy them.

Salt Fireworks

This is an alternative to the standard glue and glitter fireworks that kids make at this time of year. I prefer using salt to glitter because it doesn’t make the mess that glitter does. Let’s face it, if you turn your toddler loose with glitter, you’re going to be cleaning it up for weeks to come. The salt cleans up much more easily. That said, be sure to watch your child carefully because you wouldn’t want him eating the salt!

Anyway, I dyed two small bowls of plain ol’ table salt with gel food coloring. I left the thrid bowl white. Let the salt dry out thoroughly so it doesn’t clump together. Then, just pour the colored salt into salt shakers.

For toddlers, take a black piece of construction paper and make fireworks designs with white glue. Place the paper in front of your child and let him shake away. Preschoolers and older kids can make the glue designs themselves.

Be sure to do one firework at a time and shake off the excess salt before beginning the next firework.

Red White and Blue Kabobs

This is such a simple, yet healthy snack. Best of all, the kids will actually eat it! Just cut off the pointed end of some strawberries and cut a string cheese stick into 7 or 8 sections. Then, using festive tooth picks, layer a strawberry, cheese chunk, and a blueberry. Voila!

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